The Sermon on the Mount

Read these studies based on the words of Jesus popularly known as ‘The Sermon on the Mount’

  1. The Poor in Spirit
  2. Those Who Mourn
  3. Inherit The Earth
  4. Hungry and Thirsty
  5. The Merciful
  6. The Pure In Heart
  7. The Peacemakers
  8. The Persecuted
  9. The Insulted
  10. Salt of the Earth
  11. Light of the World
  12. Fulfilment of the Law and Prophets
  13. The Problem of Anger
  14. Horizontal and Vertical Relationships
  15. Body on the Cross
  16. The Problem With Divorce
  17. Do Not Swear
  18. Turn The Other Cheek
  19. Love Your Enemies
  20. Be Perfect
  21. Not With Trumpets
  22. Pray in Secret
  23. Forgive
  24. Begin With Me
  25. Daily Bread
  26. Temptation
  27. The Sacrament of Fasting
  28. Treasure in Heaven
  29. The Inner Light
  30. Two Masters?
  31. Don’t Worry
  32. Three Steps to Change Your Thinking
  33. The Kingdom First
  34. Do Not Judge
  35. Dogs and Pigs
  36. Ask And It Will Be Given
  37. Falling and Learning
  38. Do Unto Others
  39. The Narrow Path
  40. False Prophets
  41. Doers Of Evil
  42. Built On The Rock

The following studies are based on texts from the gospel according to Luke. In this gospel there is a section that is a parallel to the Sermon on the Mount, but given to us in a slightly different way.

  1. Blessings and Woes
  2. The Right Attitude
  3. Love Your Enemies
  4. In Context
  5. The Fair Measure
  6. The Blind
  7. Out Of The Heart