Waiting For The Vision

In the previous study we looked at the effects of anxiety on our lives, and how Jesus taught us to live without anxiety. Then we saw from the scripture how Israel was being judged because of the violence of its people.

Brothers and sisters, if your heart is filled with the love of Christ, I do not understand how any thought of violence can exist there. Continue reading “Waiting For The Vision”

Violence In The Streets

In the previous study we looked at how we can be affected by the world’s thinking with regard to the nature of god and how he relates to us, cares for us, judges us, and so many other different ways.

One thing is certain, the worldly way of thinking keeps god at a distance. But with Jesus in your heart, the Holy Spirit indwelling you and empowering you wherever you go and no matter how you feel, and the Father being a true father to you, it really is impossible for the Lord to be closer to you. The spiritual path is one of holding hands with the Lord our God, and knowing love and care and companionship. Continue reading “Violence In The Streets”

Reasons For Exile

In the previous study we saw how our lives are watched by others. So it matters how we live. This happens whether we want it to or not. So being secretive is not helpful, particularly as Christians, because people will only wonder what we are trying to hide.

Live openly with your neighbours and let them be blessed by the love that exists in your life through Christ. Continue reading “Reasons For Exile”

For All To See

In the previous study we saw how the words of God and His promises can act to divide between those who truly want to be with the Lord, and those who follow only their own interests and needs. We also saw how the right attitude can change the heart of a person, so that instead of being hardened against the gospel, it becomes softened.

There are, of course, other things that can be said about the passage of scripture that was studied yesterday, and these studies are never exhaustive. Continue reading “For All To See”

Delivering The Message

In the previous study we had a sharp reminder that there are two kinds of divine promises. There are those promises that are universal – for instance the one given after the flood that we would never face such a thing on earth again, and the rainbow to remind us of the promise. Then there are the other promises, the dependent promises. Promises that depend on something happening. The promise of salvation to us depends on repentance and acceptance of the saving work of Christ on the cross.

The promise to the land of Israel, we discovered last time, depended not on heredity as an Israelite, but on the ‘inner circumcision’ of the heart. As Paul so succinctly put it: he is a Jew who is one inwardly. Continue reading “Delivering The Message”

Taken For Granted

In the previous study we saw how the Lord chose to judge wicked leaders of the people in Jerusalem by bringing upon them the very thing that they feared, and that he chose to do it outside of their comfort zone. This also includes a challenge for we believers who trust the Lord.

Now we continue our study of this prophetic vision: Continue reading “Taken For Granted”

Face Your Fears

In the previous study we saw Ezekiel describing the cherubim and the wheels with them, and how they all moved in unison without turning. I already did a detailed study of the significance of all of this much earlier in this series. What is new is this description that the cherubim were full of eyes. Their entire bodies and wings were covered in eyes. This can be strange to imagine. And is there a significance? In one sense there is – when you see the significance of the appearance of their faces, which is about different aspects of the nature of god.

The eyes just confirm something else that we already know about god – that nothing is hidden and that god sees all. Continue reading “Face Your Fears”

Fear And Freedom

In the previous study we had the rather scary part of Ezekiel’s vision, the part where the angels of death were sent throughout Jerusalem. Although I did not mention it last time, I did think about the comparison with the night of the first Passover, when the Israelites were still captive in Egypt. On that night, the angel of death passed by each house where the doorposts were painted with the blood of a lamb.

In Ezekiel’s vision, the agents of death did not touch any person who were marked on their forehead by the angelic scribe. I can’t help also making a comparison with the vision of John the Revelator, where the mark of the beast is placed on the forehead of all. It has often been said that the devil creates nothing except lies, and that nothing new comes from him. So indeed, if this comes into physical reality, there is the scriptural inspiration for the devil to copy. Continue reading “Fear And Freedom”

Grief Over Sin

In our last study, we were looking at the vision of Ezekiel which was given for his second prophetic task. After he was taken in spirit to Jerusalem and to the temple complex, he was shown examples of how the Israelites have been provoking God to anger. Although God had been patient with his people for hundreds of years, now he was going to bring calamity on his people without pity.

In this study we see how God looks for those who realise what sin is and who mourn for its existence. Continue reading “Grief Over Sin”